Three Quotes, Three Days Challenge – Day 1

I would like to think Shruti Ohri for this nomination. If you have not already passed by Shruti’s site, it is a tranquil place of poetry and of well-ground pepper-thought that steals the toxic fast pace of day-to-day blurs and replaces it with lovely thinky-thoughts. Shruti writes beautiful poems and touches on a range of interesting topics that I am sure you will enjoy. It is the perfect place to break with a cuppa.

Rules? No, I think we will call them ‘guidelines’.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Nominate three bloggers each day.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

-William Arthur Ward

I wish I could still trust the sweet and honest smile, but experience has led me to question this quote. Is a smile always communicating kindness?

I know of people who have weaponised the humble smile and shaded its summer-day cheer with bruises. Perfecting the fake smile, serviette crinkles and all, is a difficult thing to do, it can only be well-practiced acting—but who would wilfully misemploy the sweet and tender grin, the beam, the stretched-out smirk, and use it for nefarious means?

I have known teachers who reprimand pupils with a twinkle in their eye, businesspersons who confuse their workers by giving The Bad News with a beam and a wink. I have seen politicians who smile as they lie through white gnashers.

Do you still believe in the tender heart of a smile, or have you lost faith in this once, universal language of kindness?


Participation is entirely voluntary and there is no time limit whatsoever on completion. Just have fun: )

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Anchal Sethi

Thought for Change

18 thoughts on “Three Quotes, Three Days Challenge – Day 1”

  1. Smile can sometimes be misleading. I cannot deny the fact that not everything remains pure nowadays. One has to think twice even before smiling. Someone can totally take out wrong meaning out of it or send wrong signals. The world has become a complicated place to live.

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    1. Well put. Yes, I agree. A smile can actually offend if used incorrectly. My problem is, my hearing is not so good, so I often smile at people when I struggle to hear them. Once someone gave me a really strange look, so I said,’pardon, I didn’t catch that.’ It turns out I had been smiling through her tale of the death of her kindly grandmother. I felt awful!


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