Glances #2

I’m taking you back a few weeks, to a quiet time in Andrew’s office; even the birds were dozing on the windowsill. I was squabbling somnolence, and Andrew lit His thoughts in black ink. He took a preference for the distinctiveness of handwritten over computer cloned. I found myself absorbed by His graceful ink-line ligatures and flourishing loops. The filigree of His hand conjured epic stanzas, or overtures, or photo-gem memories.

It strikes me that everything about His writing is flawless, but for one thing. He has made mention to a proper noun and not given it a capital letters. Is this something I point out to Him? I do not want Him to send this letter and find He has made a fool of Himself. He just doesn’t seem like a man you point out mistakes to.

Grammar errors agitate an integral node, I could not let this lie, could I? I threw my dice discretely on the table.

I pointed it out, possibly to my detriment.

He looked at me as though I was sporting a brand spanking new loser sign on the forehead. “And what exactly has kim jong un done to deserve any capital letters?”


This is a scheduled post as I am currently Out of Office and will return part-way through August. I will be travelling to some remote places, so finding an internet connection may be difficult. Although I may not reply to your comments immediately, please know that I value and appreciate every one of them, and look forward to reading and replying on my return.

36 thoughts on “Glances #2”

      1. It was really interesting. We lived with tribes people who spoke the click language, which is the absolute dream for a linguist! Playing a game of football with them was slightly surreal! We climbed enormous sand dunes in the Namib desert and took quad bikes over them, we saw all the big five, and some kept us awake at night with their noises and by getting too close to the tents. We took a dug out canoe out into the absolute middle of nowhere in the Okavango Delta and camped out in there. The night skies were splendid. It was a very memorable trip. I am now regretting how many photographs and videos I took that need going through. We have over 6000😱


      1. Wow, they have long summers. In England the kids get 6 weeks in state schools, 8 weeks at private boarding schools. Perhaps I should be working in the states!

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      1. Maybe the fact that inspite of everything, he cares…. And that he is broken too…. And I want to fix him! 💜💜💜

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