Artwork #3

‘Curly-Whirly Orangy Wiggly Thingy’…hmm, yeah. My canvas-naming needs work. Perhaps you lovely people would fancy christening this one?

Acrylic and Black Indian Ink on canvas.

Can you spot the pencil marks I never got around to rubbing out? πŸ™‚


This is a scheduled post as I am currently Out of Office and will return part-way through August. I will be travelling to some remote places, so finding an internet connection may be difficult. Although I may not reply to your comments immediately, please know that I value and appreciate every one of them, andΒ look forward to reading and replying on my return.

28 thoughts on “Artwork #3”

    1. Hi! Sorry not to have replied earlier. As you may already know, I was camping in the wilderness of Southern Africa for a while so have not had an internet connection. This is such a kind comment, thank you very much. I am utterly lost for words.

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      1. You are so kind, and I am so blushing!! Thank you.

        The trip was incredible and exhausting all at once. I have never had so many cut and bruises, or arm muscles, but it was incredible. Hope to put a few posts up about it and share some pics when I have the time. Hope your last month was a good one!

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      2. I’ll be looking forward to those posts! Yes, last month went pretty well. I’d been sorta busy but I did manage to stay active on WordPress and have uploaded some posts. Do check them out; your feedback keeps me motivated.

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      3. I would love to when I have some time. Everything is very busy at the moment having just returned, but I am hoping things will quieten down in a couple weeks.

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much. Sorry I could not get back to your comment sooner, internet was hard to come by where I was camping. It was a wonderful trip, but very hard work. I have actually built some muscles! Saw incredible things and met some wonderful tribes people. Was very tired when I got home and wanted to do nothing but sleep for two days πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much for your comment, I never thought a huge amount of this picture.

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  1. Hmm, if I’d painted this beautiful piece, I think I’d call it “Stars, Seeds”; “Starseeds Scatter”; “A Scattering of Starseeds”; “Autumn Seeds the Stars”; or something along those lines.

    It’s quite lovely, by the way. Great work!

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