Africa #3

Since my return, I have been swimming in requests to share some of the experiences and photographs of my recent travels—camping through the wilds of Africa.

The shots seen here were taken at Etosha National Park in Botswana. As you know, all pictures were taken on my oobie-doobie camera that I cannot remember the name of. 

Of all the Attenborough moments on my trip to Africa, one moment really stands ahead as significant—finding myself connected to two great bronze lion eyes and marvelling in a shared, private moment of understanding and appreciation.


This meeting of eyes at such close quarters was electric tangible—so fragile and yet so weighty that it almost felt it could be gently cupped in the palm of my hand. Lost in the depth of the wild lion’s eyes, it occurred to me there was an air of melancholy about him, as though he was burdensome with a rugged worldly truth.


Before total realisation had washed through, the tie was severed. His head hung low between slicing shoulder blades and he strode away, pacing lethargic with hefty sand bag paws. I was ambivalent, warring sensations of awe and fear and hot geyser delight. But also there was an odd sense of betrayal that the King of the Jungle had severed our transitory bond prematurely, truncating what felt to be my first ever true connection to Africa.


There was an abundance of fascinating creatures both great and small, most notably, the variety of bird life was staggering and their feather palette dressed across the spectrum. These birds were highly photogenic, not just due to their array of colours, but their comfort behind a camera lens. Audacity is a quality I have never seen in aves before. The fine red-chested chappy made a habit of landing a mere hand’s length from my camera and tucking his head to one side as though feigning coyness.


Ground squirrels were also very friendly, especially when food was involved. They were making designs to climb up my legs and onto my lap. Their innocent fearlessness was charming.



32 thoughts on “Africa #3”

  1. Spectacular experience, coupled with majestic photos = delight! I have been to Tanzania and it was sooo much fun. I am ready to go there again, any day any time in my life. 💕

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    1. How exciting! Summer is a lovely time to go as the weather is nice. If you are camping, make sure you bring a warm sleeping bag and a coat as when the sun goes in it can get quite chilly. I hope you have a marvellous time. I was lucky enough to see all the big five many times in Etosha, it is a haven for wildlife, I hope you have similar luck!

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