Glances #3

In much of the world today, electronic devices dominate our lives: we tend to them when they call us, we are addicted to their slightest whimper, and we worry when they are lost or damaged. It is like flour babies turned digital and mutated in megabytes. Andrew is the only man I had thought immune… Continue reading Glances #3

24. The Confetti and Bruises Moment

Could I trust this man when our entire professional relationship was based on a series of manipulative game plays? Should I give this unsteady switch of a man, this crusher of small skulls and abductor of innocent women, this man sniffing my neck, the benefit of the doubt? Or is He dangerous, is He fire? ...I threw the dice.

22. Glass Jail

I wondered whether the costs of spending time with this man was outweighing the gains. I have walked past so many red signposts and flashing neon signs telling me to turn the other way, but my feline curiosity drove me onwards. Was this the time to turn my back on Him? Was it time to let my questions flow downriver? Was it time to leave?

20. He is Dangerous, He is Fire

“Why would you think I hid it—“ The hold on my skull tightened. My temples throbbed. His words were sharpened, razor tipped, “Because you told me you hid it.” “You must be mistaken—” The grip threatened its strength again. I felt every digit of His need. “Last night—you told me. I know you remember because… Continue reading 20. He is Dangerous, He is Fire

19. Lucid Dream – Part 2

I have taught myself to enjoy lucid dreaming frequently. It is a full picture hand every person can acquire, but the last card of this deck always evades me; I have never been able to play the ace of spades—the final step from lucid dream to complete wakening out-of-body experience, the final step that can… Continue reading 19. Lucid Dream – Part 2

18. Lucid Dream – Part 1

Lucid dream: n. a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming and can sometimes influence the course of the dream. Collins English Dictionary. Mrs Anna Arbre—who incidentally, lived in a forest for not-an-insignificant amount of time—was my Sixth Form Psychology teacher. She was an enigmatic plant of a lady… Continue reading 18. Lucid Dream – Part 1