24. The Confetti and Bruises Moment

Could I trust this man when our entire professional relationship was based on a series of manipulative game plays? Should I give this unsteady switch of a man, this crusher of small skulls and abductor of innocent women, this man sniffing my neck, the benefit of the doubt? Or is He dangerous, is He fire? ...I threw the dice.


Glances #2

I’m taking you back a few weeks, to a quiet time in Andrew’s office; even the birds were dozing on the windowsill. I was squabbling somnolence, and Andrew lit His thoughts in black ink. He took a preference for the distinctiveness of handwritten over computer cloned. I found myself absorbed by His graceful ink-line ligatures… Continue reading Glances #2

22. Glass Jail

I wondered whether the costs of spending time with this man was outweighing the gains. I have walked past so many red signposts and flashing neon signs telling me to turn the other way, but my feline curiosity drove me onwards. Was this the time to turn my back on Him? Was it time to let my questions flow downriver? Was it time to leave?

Those knobbly-Bobbly Icicles that Look a Bit Stabby – Day 3

AKA 'Ancient Quotes Challenge' Many thanks to Novus Lectio for nominating me for this challenge. I willingly accept!!! On this site, The Rules do not exist. Instead of the R word, we have the easy-going and eternally more satisfying G word; guidelines. Where the R word prickles and captures your footsteps spilling your serenity sideways, guidelines comfort… Continue reading Those knobbly-Bobbly Icicles that Look a Bit Stabby – Day 3