Glances #2

I’m taking you back a few weeks, to a quiet time in Andrew’s office; even the birds were dozing on the windowsill. I was squabbling somnolence, and Andrew lit His thoughts in black ink. He took a preference for the distinctiveness of handwritten over computer cloned. I found myself absorbed by His graceful ink-line ligatures… Continue reading Glances #2

One Lovely Blog Award

This Door is Alarmed was nominated for this blog by my cherished friend Novus Lectio . She is a very well read writer, with a curious mind for investigation. She presents a nimbly versatile blog, which includes a tranquil nemesis of enquiry in her ‘inspiring’ snapshots, images demonstrating her unique style as an artist, and wonderful… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3

This Door is Alarmed was nominated by The Britchy One who writes one of the wittiest blogs I know. When I see she has posted, I set aside a slice of clock face with a cup of tea; I like to know I can fully enjoy her humorous and uniquely devious outlook on life. If you are not… Continue reading Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3