19. Lucid Dream – Part 2

I have taught myself to enjoy lucid dreaming frequently. It is a full picture hand every person can acquire, but the last card of this deck always evades me; I have never been able to play the ace of spades—the final step from lucid dream to complete wakening out-of-body experience, the final step that can… Continue reading 19. Lucid Dream – Part 2

18. Lucid Dream – Part 1

Lucid dream: n. a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming and can sometimes influence the course of the dream. Collins English Dictionary. Mrs Anna Arbre—who incidentally, lived in a forest for not-an-insignificant amount of time—was my Sixth Form Psychology teacher. She was an enigmatic plant of a lady… Continue reading 18. Lucid Dream – Part 1