Liebster Award

This Door is Alarmed was nominated by Averyjo624 from Caffeine and Bookmarks. This blog presents a highly capable writer who deftly molds words like music, every piece is a melody, and expertly written.


One Lovely Blog Award

This Door is Alarmed was nominated for this blog by my cherished friend Novus Lectio . She is a very well read writer, with a curious mind for investigation. She presents a nimbly versatile blog, which includes a tranquil nemesis of enquiry in her ‘inspiring’ snapshots, images demonstrating her unique style as an artist, and wonderful… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

Liebster Award

I would like to thank the wonderful Nyctophile who nominated This Door is Alarmed for this award. Nyctophile is a dear friend and a beautiful person. She is also an incredibly talented artist, writer and poet with a sweet and tender heart that oozes through into her creative wonderings. Her blog is a delightful perusal… Continue reading Liebster Award

Sunshine Nordic Little Thoughts Award

I was delighted to be nominated for the “Sunshine Nordic Little Thoughts” Award by Novus Lectio, a dear friend. Coincidentally, both herself and her writings are a ray of sunshine, so this beautifully ties to the award, sprouting a rather lovely bow on top. I don’t think any of her blog is Nordic though—which is where… Continue reading Sunshine Nordic Little Thoughts Award