Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3


‘This Door is Alarmed’ was nominated by Tishacutie16, who writes a journey of thoughtful and intriguing poetry. It is a wonderful place to enjoy with your afternoon tea. I recommend a visit!

Guidelines (I have changed ‘rules’ to ‘guidelines’. Guidelines are the less prescriptive, slightly quirky aunt of rules . You must all be familiar with the full moon effect of placing rules in front of me by now. It is like dripping fresh blood into a piranha tank!):

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Nominate three bloggers each day.

 “As I grow older, I regret to say that a detestable habit of thinking seems to be getting a hold of me.” 
H. Rider Haggard

I concur!

I spend quite an incredible portion of my day wandering the evergreen forests of the mind, intoxicated by the capricious and tumultuous lilt of pure thought. Sometimes I will catch myself locked in empty distant stares, not seeing, but flicking through the strata of glacier blue cogitations, like pages in a book.

Thinking is perhaps my favourite pastime. There are no limits to this sanctuary. The mind is your sketchpad and your playground. Why not enjoy a not-so-simple trip to 2 dimensional Flatland, or ponder how life would be different without friction. Imagine an excursion to life-nihilo—before anything, at all, existed, or tinker with any notion–anything, anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Who needs virtual reality when you have a noggin?

When going about my day job, I am rarely ‘doing’ my day job. I will make my tasks into a part of my world, or get lost in thinky-thoughty conundrums, or be imagining what it would be like if my mum’s new bike actually flew as she claimed it would 🙂 I once spent a good ten minutes exploring the areas of my brain through thought alone, and found a really good bit that could be tickled and would perk you cheerful like a big caffeine hit—how odd!

Do any of you suffer/ enjoy the endless reveries that peace of mind-space has to offer?

I am not building a great case against being a crackpot, am I? Well, I suppose I am not qualified to judge my own sanity anyway—I will leave that you good people!


Novus Lectio

A light Circle

Anna the Fan Girl


26 thoughts on “Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3”

  1. Sometimes I wish that someone would kick my brains out….. I so want to be more stupid and dumber than I am because whatever ability I have of thinking, makes me really stressed and depressed….


    1. Oh no! Now I am really worried about you!

      Is there something about your situation you might be able to change or do you think it is a chemical imbalance? I had a period of about 7 years when I was so miserable that there was a sort of odd reassurance that I could not feel any lower. I changed my lifestyle: exercised regularly, ate more food (wasn’t really eating much at the time), ate healthy foods, and targeted the things in my life that made me sad. No matter how drastic the changes had to be, I made them. It made a huge difference, turning my life around. I even moved house 😆is this something you think might help you in your situation?


      1. I don’t know…. It’s just, adulting is hard… Being with people you don’t like, understanding their ugly parts, their utter curiosity about everything…. Then my choices, decisions, these are just too much…. I wish I could understand a little less….but please don’t worry, you be fine….
        I’ll be fine


      2. Can you try to pinpoint exactly what it is that upsets you? It is something a particular person does/ says or how they make you feel. Is it a particular group of people? If they are bad company for you, perhaps think about changing your circumstances so you no longer have to see them. If you are living with them, move house, if they are in your work/ class then speak to someone about it or look to move jobs/ classes. There is always something that can be done to make sure you are the happiest person you can be. You matter, you really matter, and don’t let anyone make you think or feel otherwise.

        You may find the decisions you have to make after you shed this weight from your mind will become exciting rather than burdensome.


      3. I don’t know…. It’s just people in general…. Everyone….. Running after jobs and marks, just for surviving and not living…. The selfishness, the hatred, the back bitching, the fights, everything….. It’s not people…. It’s me…. I can’t adjust, I can’t blend in

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      4. What if there isn’t a need to blend in? What if you being YOU, is okay? I spend most of my days absorbed in my own head. I let the politics of work just flow around me. I don’t get involved in the squabbles or the nasty backhanded power gains. It does mean I am not a part of the cliques at my workplace, but I know I don’t want to be if it means I have to participate in something that goes against what I am. Perhaps you are the one who is the right way up and they are wonky? Have faith in yourself. Be who you believe you should be, you may find people follow.

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      5. Stuff bothers me….. People do wrong stuff, not to me, but wrong is wrong…. And I can’t ignore…. I would like to


      6. Sadly, there will always be people who do things we consider is wrong. All we can do is practice What we think is right and hope they follow suit. I agree, it saddens me to the bone to see some of the terrible things people do, sometimes without remorse, but there are good people out there. Think of all the good people you know and spend more time with them. Novus Lectio, for one example, is a jewel of a person!


  2. Great piece! I am often in my head but it’s often to wrestle with a thought that has been triggered. My partner calls it worry and sometimes it is.
    Other times I’m imaging a life where I have fulfilled my hearts desires, visualing exactly what I want so that I stay focused.
    I also love checking in with my thoughts and when something troubles me I now start writing. I find this a huge help!

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    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment.

      Yes, thoughts can be incredible things to help us through worry–although sometimes, I find my thoughts exacerbate the situation and blow it out of control XD

      I like that you have ambitions that you imagine. It is healthy to have something to work towards. I hope you achieve it all someday, and hopefully someday soon!

      Writing certainly can be a train for troubles, it is a great way to get them down on paper. Do you find that being a counsellor yourself helps you to deal with your own problems better, or not?

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      1. Being a counsellor, also in counselling, I am able to check in and explore troubling thoughts – which are often historical. Self-awareness is a very important and essential component of being a great counsellor, and enables me to deal with things in a way that allows for my authentic feelings and expressions to be explored, processed and reframed – thought of in other ways in order to eventually reduce traumatic effects and distress. Without it I could not facilitate the same process safely for clients; i.e. being available for their subjective processes and realities

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      2. wow, that’s pretty intense stuff! I have always found the intricate mechanisms that drive thought processes in the human brain a fascination. The human mind is a beautiful and complex beastie!

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  3. I’ve been dreaming since I was a small child. Dreams are often better that reality. Often when I’m out, wherever I am, I will make up stories about people I see… I often people watch. At work… I will Doodle on paper and daydream. Guilty crack pot here.

    My mind to me a kingdom is. Know that from Sir Edward Dyer? I had to recite it for my English lit class when I was 13. I memorized it. I still know it.

    Hope you’re well.

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    1. This is so beautiful. Yes, the mind can be a saviour for everything real, can transport us into worlds. Pleased to know another certified crack pot!!! 🙂 Welcome to the loon party! Longstanding member right here XD XD


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