Sunshine Blogger Award

I would like to thank Ward Clever for this nomination. He is the superb Head Tea Master of the excellent Tea Fiend Mutual Appreciation Society, and therefore can foxy up a brew or cuppa from mere twigs and stones at a moment’s notice. He has quite the Mad Hatter spark and his comments and posts… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award


Glances #3

In much of the world today, electronic devices dominate our lives: we tend to them when they call us, we are addicted to their slightest whimper, and we worry when they are lost or damaged. It is like flour babies turned digital and mutated in megabytes. Andrew is the only man I had thought immune… Continue reading Glances #3

Awesome Blogger Award

This Door is Alarmed was nominated for this award by my cherished friend Novus Lectio . She is a very well read writer, with a curious mind for investigation. She presents a nimbly versatile blog, which includes a tranquil nemesis of enquiry through her ‘inspiring’ snapshots, her pictures, which demonstrate her unique style as an artist,… Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award

Glances #2

I’m taking you back a few weeks, to a quiet time in Andrew’s office; even the birds were dozing on the windowsill. I was squabbling somnolence, and Andrew lit His thoughts in black ink. He took a preference for the distinctiveness of handwritten over computer cloned. I found myself absorbed by His graceful ink-line ligatures… Continue reading Glances #2